About me

So here I am doing this blog thing! I’m completely new at this, so it’s going to take some time to get this all figured out. I am a wife, a mom (boy 8 and girl 7), a teacher, and a designer. My husband owns a contracting company on our small town of Monroe, Georgia where we do everything related to construction from insurance claims involving wind, fire, water damage to custom new construction homes, to renovation, to purchasing and renovating our own projects (flip homes). I get to do the decision making on flip home projects. In other words I do all the fun stuff! I pick out paint colors, light fixtures, tile, floors, cabinets and counter tops. I call the shots about the pretty stuff and I LOVE IT!

We recently purchased 100 acres right outside of town and around the corner from our current home. The property has an old neglected 5000 square foot farmhouse on it which we plan to do a full renovation on. Our current home is on the market and we plan to make this one ours. This exciting upcoming project has inspired this whole blog things… I love writing! I love photographs! I love what I’m doing and I’m passionate about the things I have going on right now so sharing them on a blog is right up my ally. Follow along as we transform this old farmhouse. I’ll show the good bad and ugly of all of it as well as previous projects we’ve completed and a little about our personal lives along the way.