Week 12 – Living Our Best Life Part 2

Best Life Part 2

Someone said to me the other day… “I finally started a blog, you inspired me.” and several people have said, “I love reading your blog and following along to see all of the picture updates.” After I posted my Amazon picks people thanked me for sharing, and said they loved certain things. For me this is what this blog was all about! Living my best life, loving it so much that I wanted to document it for myself and my kids, inspiring and encouraging others, and connecting with other people with common interest and ideas, or maybe even helping someone bring their remodel or building dreams to life. I hope to encourage just one of you to step out and pursue things that make you happy. Since starting my Instagram, Facebook, and Blog I have begun to do all of those things, so thank you friends for following along and for supporting this crazy farmhouse dream, watching me gush over how much I adore my family, following the progress of this huge project, supporting our flip homes, reading my post, liking my post, or whatever else you’re doing to partner with and support my little Southern Charm Designs dream! I appreciate you, and I hope I’m living up to my goal and inspiring, sharing, connecting, and encouraging. Seriously thank you for following along!

So this has been such a busy week back from Spring Break and our cruise adventure, but I decided to continue my previous post titled “Living Our Best Life” now that we are back from such a fun trip. I decided to share some of our fun, as well as do a farmhouse update. After all those two things are absolutely us living our best life! Remodeling, and restoration, and our farm are only part of the things we love but the other huge passion of our is traveling. We love the family time, and the time to make memories, and we love seeing the world.

This Spring Break we traveled on the carnival Horizon to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel for a 6 day cruise. We love cruising! It’s such a great way to provide our kids with opportunities to see the world while spending good time together as a family for a reasonable price, and without insane travel times that kids cannot handle. Our children are 7 and 8. A two hour flight is great! We loved the Horizon which is Carnivals newest ship for now. The water park area and the sky ride were both fantastic, and everything was clean and new. I also loved the luxury of the free movies in the cabin on this ship. They are a life saver when trying to get everyone showered and ready in a tiny room.

Our favorite adventure of the trip was definitely the turtle farm in Grand Cayman where we were able to see adult sea turtles, and hold baby sea turtles. We even got to snorkel around a pool with sea turtles in it. There was also a water slide and huge pool to swim in and enjoy after the turtle adventures. We loved this excursion, and I highly recommend it! I’ve attached some of our favorite pictures and I’d love to answer any questions you might have if you’re considering the Horizon or the Turtle Farm Excursion.


Keep reading here comes the Farmhouse update…

Okay here we go farmhouse update… we’ve been out of town and busy with baseball, school, and just life so here’s what’s been going on on the farm. The siding was caulked and our painter used something like 160 tubes of caulk for all of the siding. Crazy right? As much as I want to see the house painted we are going to wait until we get it the rock around the porch and get it landscaped so that the paint doesn’t get mud stained.

On another note, all of the electric work has been wrapped up in the main house so we will sheetrock and start interior paint next week. Our interior doors are in and we’ll hang trim, and shiplap, and all the fun stuff soon. Our tile guys are set come as soon as they finish a job they’re on now, which will probably be the end of next week.

This is where we get to my part of the project!!! I cannot wait! I should have some great pictures and updates over the next few weeks so if you don’t follow my instagram page do it! @southerncharmbysec

I know this just looks like a door handle but this is so exciting because these little details are my part of this project and I’ve stayed awake so many nights planning a dreaming of all these little things.

Finally a little farm update! We officially have 5 new baby goats in total. Two which we had to bottle feed for a few days. They are precious and we cannot wait to get them moved to their new bigger pasture so we can continue to expand our farm. We will be selling some of our goats as our farm continues to have babies so if you know someone wanting goats send us a message or follow our farm page on Facebook at Southern Elite Farms Inc.

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