Week 6 – The Farmhouse Craze!

Warning! This blog post is more than just a post with picture updates of our farmhouse remodel, so keep reading! I think I share some pretty “real” thoughts.

So, as I’ve been working on the designs for this farmhouse, and picking out doors and windows, and taking down walls, designing kitchens, pool houses, front porches, deciding on the kind of roof and the the paint colors, tile, flooring colors, light fixtures, and even door hinges and knobs there comes a point that it gets a little overwhelming even to someone who truly loves every piece of this journey and even to someone who does it pretty regularly with flip homes. I’ve taken lots of things into account as I’ve made these decisions “functionality” being my top priority, and then wanting things to look “ascetically pleasing” my next, but you see there’s this “farmhouse craze” right now, or maybe I should say “the farmhouse movement”. There are farmhouses going up everywhere. Instagram pages galore with farmhouse decor, magazines, books, you name it so let’s just be real… it tends to have this affect on people that they need a farmhouse, or theirs has to look a certain way, or be just as beautiful as the one they saw in the picture they loved. But, is that really what this farmhouse movement is about or should be about?

Here are my thoughts on this topic… I didn’t really plan to own a farmhouse actually. Being in the remodel and restoration business we stumbled across a great property at a great price and there was a gorgeous farmhouse with so much potential, needing so much love, sitting there waiting on someone to take on this massive project. So many people told us to tear it down and start over. For me, it wasn’t about jumping on the farmhouse bandwagon. It was about reviving a home, but more than that it was about embracing all the things my family loves. The 100 acre property has a huge pasture full of deer. In the woods there’s a creek that flows from one end to the other. There’s a pond for fishing. There’s a long gravel road for riding four wheelers and go carts. Our goats would have a bigger pasture to graze. We could have the horses that would remind me of my childhood on my grandparents farm. My dogs could run free as we play outside, and I could sit on that front porch and watch as my family slows down to enjoy just being home. Sure it is about making it beautiful, but it’s not about being as beautiful as another, or about gaining more followers, or about anything really except my husband and I seeing potential in this home and falling in love with the property we would raise our children on.

That being said I’ve struggled a little lately with my decisions about some of the design choices and I realized it’s because I was letting other ideas, pages, homes, etc make me question my decisions. How often do we do that? We scroll through social media and everything we see everyone else doing makes us question everything about our own choices. I hate that! We all love social media but that’s the ugly side of it for sure. I try not to be that girl. I try to stay true to myself and only make choices because they are truly things I love, but it’s hard sometimes. Sure be inspired by others, and absolutely share ideas and pictures, and brag on your family, but don’t play the comparison game and when you find yourself doing that, be strong enough to shut it off and find your focus again.

When I first saw this house I had this idea in my head of what I thought it should look like, so I searched and searched the internet for something similar to what I had in mind. My husband loves rock and wood, and I love the light, airy, fresh feel of light bright colors, so I needed something that would incorporate both so it would feel like home to both of us. I eventually found that, and I’ll share that picture in a few months when our house is finished, but the other day I found myself questioning my decision about the board and batten on the front of the house, and about the roof color, and wondering if I should have made it look like this most recent picture I ran across or like that picture instead. Isn’t that kind of what we do to ourselves constantly? As I listened to myself question this original plan, I realized “Wait a minute! You loved this plan. You loved this design you’ve picked. You’re decisions have proven to be good ones. You are working hard. Your husband is pouring his heart and time into this, and every time you go to that house you can picture your family in that house just as you had planned.” So folks, there you go, my deep inner thoughts! But I quickly realized the big picture about this farmhouse craze isn’t, or shouldn’t be about questioning ourselves, or having the biggest most beautiful house, or about wanting something you don’t have, or wondering if your decisions will be good enough, or as good as some other woman’s on the internet. This farmhouse craze needs to be about inspiring others. About living out what you love. About a simpler life. About quality time with your loved ones in a home you love. And you know what, honestly that has nothing to do with Farmhouse and everything about being true to yourself.

So there you go! My thoughts for the day! I’m sticking to my original plan for this home. It will include everything we love! A little shiplap, wood floors, a little trendy tile, light fresh walls colors, white shaker cabinets, wood beams, big windows, double wood front doors, rocking chairs on the front porch, fireplaces on the back porch, a space for entertaining out back, but most of all it will include a lot of love. Love for design, and love for my family and friends that we will make memories with there, love for the outdoors, and love for all of our animals. It will have enough space, and not too much space, and it will have the feel of an old home my grandmother would have loved. I will gladly love inspiration from others, but I will not change what I love because it looks good on someone else.

Below you can see week 6 pictures and updates. Click to follow my blog as I share my heart, my life, my remodel, and everything in between. This page may have a farmhouse focus, but it’s really about sharing my experiences and my love for writing and creating. Until next week… stay true to what you love!

Siding work has started. Someone asked me if this was the color of the siding and for those of you wondering… no, this is the primer color that siding comes in. The house will be completely painted. Scroll down to see the progress so far this week.

We raised these windows up and this is the view from my sons room. Our daughter has the same view across the hall. Out across that pond we will have a goat and horse barn and pasture. I’m so excited for them to grow up waking up to that view!
Here’s a good before and during siding installation. We raised those second floor windows up and look what a difference they make! As soon as the front doors are delivered they will finish the first floor siding.
The framers also started framing up the barn this week! This barn will have goat and horse stalls and a place to store all the things needed for caring for them. We currently have 20 goats and a donkey on our current 7 acre property and we are so excited to add horses and have a barn for them. They will have a pasture much larger this time.

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