Just a Bunch of Dirt!

That’s what it looks like, just a bunch of dirt, but this is finally the beginning of this journey! We are adding a pool house, a pool, an additional garage with larger doors, and a barn so the only place to start is with the grading. We took down all the trees in the back and side yard, and the dirt is being prepped for concrete. It’s suppose to rain or possibly snow this week in Georgia and if you know anything about Georgia snow, it’s really more like ice and everything shuts down for days, so I’m really praying we don’t get this winter weather. I am not a fan of the cold. I don’t really enjoy the cold wet snow, and I’d like for the progress to continue on this project! Crossing my fingers spring comes quick! I am truly a southern girl that loves my hot Georgia summers and I cannot wait to sit on this front porch in the evenings and look out across the pond and admire the work of this journey!!

So what’s coming up? This week (weather permitting) we will finish the grading and pour concrete slabs. If all goes as planned framers will be out next week to start framing the pool house, garage, and barn. We will also start tearing off siding and replacing that and the windows. When we first bought this property the previous owner has SO much stuff that we did our best to give her some grace and allowed 58 days after closing for her to get her things moved out. I feel like that has been the longest 58 days. We were allowed to start the construction outside but we had to wait until January 31 to move inside. That’s 4 days away so I just cannot wait to get demo inside going and start doing the fun part! The design work is obviously my thing! Floors, light fixtures, cabinets, tile, paint colors, shiplap, barn doors, big windows, double front doors I literally can’t sleep at night dreaming of this project.

I should have some fun updates in the next week or two so be sure to subscribe and follow along. I’d love to hear your thoughts on design ideas you love for farmhouses so share them below.

Here’s the site for the pool house. This will have two guest bedroom spaces, a game room, a ktichen and bar, and of course a place to watch a good football game.
This is where the pool will go. We had to clear lots of trees to get enough sun back here. I love simply designed pools where the water and landscape creates this beautiful relaxing feel and that’s exactly what we have planned. More on that later.
Also, I should note that my husband has a fantastic eye for landscape so thankfully when this is done all of this dirt will be hidden.
This is the back of the house and this is going to create a great before and after picture! Right now it’s ugly siding and a bunch of red Georgia clay, but when it’s finished this will have a 16 foot wide covered patio with fireplace and grilling area that is just steps away from the pool.
This breezeway is also going to be a great before and after. Who wants to walk outside on a cold wet morning to go to their car? Not me! So, we are fixing that problem and this area will be completely closed in and showcase a beautiful entry/mud room where we will add shelving to house book bags, and jackets and that sort of thing. I can already tell you this will be one of my favorite before and after pictures.
Future garage picture #1! See that flat dirt spot up there to the left? That will be our 50 x 40 foot garage where the boys will keep all their toys. So big trucks, boats, and whatever else he decides should go there.
A closer look at that spot. So I also have to share that if you pass this garage spot as you come down the driveway you can drive back to the deer field or the deer food plot which is a hunter’s paradise. More on that beauty later!

Thanks for following along! Be sure to subscribe and look for more updates this week!

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