Interior reveal

So I said in my last blog post that when we purchased this house we were gracious in allowing the previous owner 58 days after closing to get all of her things out. When I say things I mean many, many, many things. The contract was written so that we could start exterior work, but would not move to the interior until her time was up on January 31st. These 58 days have seemed so long, and my designer mind has been going nonstop. I can hardly sleep thinking of the transformation this place is getting ready to undergo.

Today I got a text from my husband aka the contractor who had been out grading for the barn all day “she has turned over the keys a few days early and is finally out!” Yay!!! So guess what I have for you today? That’s right… interior pics! Honestly there’s some bad things going on and it definitely needs updating, but maybe you can see the potential like I do.

Don’t worry all the gross will come out and be fixed and replaced, but when it’s done knowing what it looked like before is the very best part!

Share your thoughts below! What would you like to see us do to this place?

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