Why I Teach!

I posted this on my personal Facebook yesterday, and thought I’d share here as well…

I’ve been asked a lot lately since starting this new business venture of ours, if I plan to quit teaching. Today I caught this picture of my sweet friends precious boy (who so happens to be spending his year in fourth grade with me) playing with a student that as you can see from the picture could have easily been left alone. Instead, this sweet boy after the court had cleared instead of running off, chose to spend a few minutes playing right here. So this friends, is the big picture of why I teach, and the answer is no I’m not leaving teaching. I think it’s okay for women to wear many hats and enjoy lots of things, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve been on this journey of self revelation for a few years now and one of the biggest things I’ve realized is my passion is really just seeing people (or homes) live up to their greatest potential. My life decisions speak that! My heart just can’t help investing some love in things that need to see their value! Today was no different! This precious boy has no clue the value in those few minutes he spent today, but that’s the big picture of why I teach! 


️ #justsharingsomelove

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