This Old House

I jokingly named this post “This Old House” because for some reason this just reminds me of that old show that use to come on TV when I was a kid. Maybe I’m the only one that remembers it and the boring mono toned guy that hosted it. If you loved that show I apologize. I was probably seven. LOL!

First, let me say TV has come a long way, and second, come to think of it that was my childhood version on “Fixer Upper”. Again, TV has come a long way.

So, you may have seen my Facebook or Instagram post (follow those pages by using the links on my blog) about the old farmhouse we recently purchased and the renovation project we have broken ground on. If not, here’s the short version… We currently have our home on the market and have purchased this 100 acre property with a pond, creek, and old farmhouse on it. The ground breaking on the renovation officially starts today, but before I start talking about the work and posting all sorts of pictures I thought I’d share a little history on this property and how we ended up with it, and why we’re taking on this huge venture.

The property is an old estate that has been in the family we purchased from since 1850. The lady that owned this home was in her 70’s and had formerly been a teacher. She built this house with her husband and eight months after it was finished, he left. Well that was 20 years ago, and I’d be willingly to say she hasn’t done much of a single thing to the property or home since. I can totally sympathize since I understand teacher pay, and I am sure it wasn’t something she could afford to do on her own. The upkeep of such a big place must have been overwhelming. Even still, we were in shock at how neglected it was to only be 20 years old.

So how did we happen upon this diamond in the rough which I’ve been referring to her as? Driving down the road right near our current home and spotting a for sale sign, that’s it! My husband who is always looking for a deal and an investment since that’s a huge part of what we do, made a phone call and we went to take a look the next day. My foot hit the pavement as I got out of the truck, I looked up and said, “wow this is a mess but it could be so beautiful”. The owner took us inside and all I could think about was how gorgeous this would be if I could get my hands on it. We left and all I could do was think about that house and its potential. I’ve had the self revelation here lately that my passion in life is pretty much all about seeing potential in something or someone and wanting them to believe in it as much as I do. From my teaching career, to my friends, my kids, my husband, and my past mistakes they all point in one direction and that’s me wanting them to live out their maximum potential.

That all being said, our current home is gorgeous, but my husband built it before we were married so the thought of us doing one of our own together since we both have fallen so in love with these renovation projects just kept tugging at my heart. We talked about our vision, about the things we’d do to it, and I could tell he was in love too. The pastures, the deer, the creek, the pond. It was 100 acres. We have 7.5 with goats and we’d love to have more animals so here was our chance. He made an offer and as always it was much lower than anyone dreamed would be accepted, but the owner was in over her head and had fallen in love with another house which she needed the money to buy, so she took it, and well… here we are with this 100 acre beautiful mess!

I’ll show you around the property and take you inside in a few days, but for now here’s “This Old House” or “My Diamond in the Rough”. So what do you think?

Leave your comments below and let me know. Share your thoughts about what your vision is for it is. I’d love to hear!

Our Diamond in the Rough! Here’s the front view and as you can see we’ve already torn out the overgrown growing into and over the front porch landscaping, trees, and shrubbery. This gorgeous porch looks out over the pond and across to what will be our goat and horse pasture.
So here’s the truth of her condition she’s a mess! Keep scrolling!
More mess!
Mold! Don’t worry that will all come out! We are in the restoration business. We know how to safely take care of and get rid of this!
Garage bathroom. Yuck! This is just the outside.


  1. Just stumbled across your Instagram and enjoy you photos and blog. What a beautiful job you guys have done transforming this not-old house into the beauty she is now. Surprised your home was 20 years old – totally looks like a legit antique home! But what a beauty you’ve made it! Also too funny how you called Bob Vila – an icon – a boring monotone guy LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Now that we are finished I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging and updating the page. Bob Vila might be an icon but to my eight year old self he was boring and monotone Lol! Thanks for following along!


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